“The Sweet Spot Between Stubbornness and Resistance: A Retelling of the Jesus Story”

Worship Leaders: Rev. Margalie Belizaire / Judith Stein-Farrall / Aubrey Connelly-Candelario / Julia Chinnock

with 1U Choir and Mak “n” Cheez with guest appearances of Nicki and Rachel as the “Wild Things” as a storytelling Sunday treat.

One of the things that Jesus is known for is bucking the establishment of his time. He had a clear understanding that simply because something was law, didn’t make it just. Jesus accordingly resisted what was unjust. I venture to say that he was also stubborn and that helped in his cause. On this Easter Sunday, let’s explore the sweet spot between stubbornness and resistance as it pertains to the man, Jesus.


Flower Team Welcomes New Helpers!

The Pulpit Flowers team is responsible for the lovely flowers in the pulpit each Sunday. We are thrilled to welcome new team member, Joy D., shown with the gorgeous hydrangea flowers that she recently brought for our Sunday service.

2022-10-24 Joy with Hydrangeas

We also work closely with the Flower Garden group, which grows flowers and greenery for pulpit flowers, Caring Circle arrangements, and more.  At our recent work party amidst the blooms we welcomed new visitors Kayla,  and Nikki with her son.  Also joining us in flower gardening is a long-term established wonderful member of our church, Jean S! She is new to working in our flower garden also.  Anyone is welcome to attend our gardening events! 

2022-10-24 New Helpers in Flower Garden


We will be ordering flowers from the University of Florida Extension Service which coordinates with a  4H club for their service project to “give” poinsettias for a donation.  These will be our holiday poinsettia flowers in the sanctuary during December. Would you like to help the flower team to water them once each Sunday before or after services in December so they don’t wilt?

The poinsettias will be available for delivery to nursing homes afterwards, so let flower team know, please,  if you want to take some to a nursing home or other appropriate person or place.

You can reach us at flowers@orlandouu.org to help or for more details on our projects!