April/May 2023 CUUPS Worship List

The April/May 2023 CUUPs National Worship List is out!
Beltane marks the point about halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. It is one of the cross-quarter day celebrations. Some pagans celebrate it by lighting bonfires, dancing around maypoles, making flower crowns, and more.
Join any chapter on the worship list to visit and learn about Beltane and different ways to observe it.
1U’s Mystic Grove CUUPs is having our Beltane next Saturday April 29th!
6:30 PM Meet and Greet
7:00 PM Ritual
8:00 Potluck
All welcome!  Dress is “come as you are.” Email mysticgrove@orlandouu.org for more info.

11th Annual Florida Unitarian Universalist Women’s Retreat – March 31 – April 2

Join us Friday, March 31, 2023 to Suday April 2, 2023 for “A Weekend Gathering of UU Women” featuring Shelley Graff facilitating Singing in Sacred Circle!

  • Friday evening we will get to know one another and create community
  • Saturday one-hour workshops offer choices
  • Singing in Sacred Circle with Shelley Graff
  • Free time in the afternoon for personal exploration
  • Sunday we share a UU Service bringing it all together

DaySpring Conference Center is conveniently located off I-75 just north of Sarasota on Florida’s West Coast. The beautiful campus nestled under ancient oaks and located on a cove of the Manatee River offers a serene setting for our annual retreat. Take a look. https://dayspringfl.org

$232 per person covers expenses for a semi-private room plus meals for the weekend.
A limited number of single rooms are available at $304 each.
8 women share a cozy cottage with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, a screened porch and common area.

Come join us for an enriching and memorable weekend.

For more info contact. Helen Leddy helen.leddy@gmail.com

March 2023 CUUPs Worship List

The CUUPS National Worship List for March 2023 is out!

March brings the spring equinox and the return of warmer days if you live in the Northern hemisphere. Night and day are in equal balance. Some pagans might celebrate with spending time in nature, starting gardens, spring cleaning, and more.

Join any chapter on the worship list to visit and learn about different pagan celebrations in March and ways to observe them.


1U’s Mystic Grove CUUPS chapter will have an Ostara Celebration and Potluck on March 25, 2023 in Gore Hall.

6:30 PM Meet and Greet

7 PM Ritual

8 PM Potluck

Come as you are or dressed in colors of the season: light green, lemon yellow, pale pinks, and similar!


This event is FREE.

As willing and able, a $5-$10 love donation to replenish worship and potluck supplies is welcome. You can also bring a donation for the food bank box.


You can use the 1U donation page and put “Mystic Grove Ostara ” in the memo line.

You can also make a check out to “First Unitarian Church of Orlando” with “Mystic Grove Ostara ” in the memo line. Mail it to

First Unitarian Church of Orlando
1901 E. Robinson St
Orlando FL 32803


To help us plan, if willing you can Facebook RSVP here on our event page.


For more info, email mysticgrove@orlandouu.org

Spring for Change: a Season of Sacred Activism (Mar. 19 & 20)

Spring for Change: a Season of Sacred Activism — from the evening of Sunday, March 19 (the night before the Spring Equinox on Monday, March 20th!) through May 22nd (International Day for Biodiversity) — is an invitation to the Unitarian Universalist faith community to embody the transformational, regenerative power of Spring through sacred activism for Earth and all our relations.

Together, we will get active in our faith communities, our spiritual practices, and our relationships to the ecosystems we are home to. We will practice Earthcare by facing the facts and forecasts of our climate and ecological crises with courage, moral clarity, and a commitment to justice, equity and compassion.

This season ahead, join us for –

  • World Water Day Concert with Aly Halpert- Sunday, March 19, 8pm EST/7pm MST/6pm CT/5pm PST
  • Earth Day Service- Thursday, April 20, 8pm EST/7pm MST/ 6pm CT/5pm PST
  • Biodiversity Sunday– May 21
  • UU Young Adult for Climate Justice Movement Workshops
  • Full Moon Monthly Spiritual Gatherings– and more!

Read on and register for upcoming opportunities to be galvanized during this season of sacred activism!

Jan/Feb 2023 CUUPs Worship List

The Jan/Feb 2023 CUUPs Worship List is out!
Imbolc marks the point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is a time for bringing new ideas and projects into the burgeoning light. Some pagans celebrate by making candles, cleansing the home, fire scrying, and more.
Join any CUUPs chapter on the worship list to visit and learn about Imbolc and different ways to observe it along with lunar worship opportunities!


Mystic Grove CUUPs in person ritual is in Gore Hall on Saturday Jan 28, 2023 at 6:30 PM with ritual at 7 PM.


CUUPs Worship List Jan Feb 2023

60th Anniversary UU Women’s Leadership Panel

UU Women celebrates 60 years of justice advocacy!

The 60th Anniversary Leadership Panel will be on  Thursday, January 26, 2023 over Zoom from  6:30 PM – 8:00 PM (CST).   That will be  7:30 PM – 9 PM EST.

Speakers include

  • Susan Frederick-Grey (UUA President)
  • Ranwa Hammamy (UUA Congregational Justice Organizer)
  • Rev. Sara Green (UUA’s Lifespand Office of Youth/Young Adults)
  • Rev. Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone (UU Ministry for Earth)

Register here to attend. 

2023-01-26 60th Anniversary UU Women Leadership Panel

UUJA Chanukah Shabbat

Shabbat Shalom! Join UUs for Jewish Awareness NEXT Friday, December 16th, at 8:00pm on Zoom for a Shabbat Service to celebrate Hanukkah together. Zoom Link below. Featuring a homily by Pastor Joshua Berg, a chaplain resident at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and a Jewish Humanist Unitarian Universalist. You can read more about Joshua at his website: https://heartmindspiritministry.com

Zoom link to register for the Hanukkah Shabbat:


CUUPs December 2022 Worship List

The December Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans Worship List is out!

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. In this season, some Pagans celebrate the return of lengthening days with bonfires, evergreens, songs, and more!

Join any CUUPs chapter on the worship list to visit and learn about the Winter Solstice and the season of Yuletide!

Our Mystic Grove CUUPs chapter will be having the Winter Solstice evening service at First Unitarian Church of Orlando on Dec 21, 2022 at 7 PM in the Sanctuary.

2022-12 CUUPs Worship List