Safety at 1U and a Big Thanks

As we approach the spring congregational meeting, it seems a good time for 1U to thank the Building and Grounds Team, Safety Planning Team, Welcome Team, and other members who together are working to make our 1U campus a safer place for all.  These efforts could not have happened without many volunteer hours, many meetings and several trainings, supported by thoughtful staff and member input.

Two members provided significant support to our safety planning effort. George H. researched safety protocols and prepared our Campus Safety Plan. The safety plan and our building handbooks are now on our website, and evacuation maps are posted in all our buildings. Ann P.  developed a disaster planning schedule and reviewed our Hurricane Plan. When the work was near completion for the year, Ann and Bob P.  generously donated a new, large capacity transit chair to 1U. 

Please note safety additions on campus: radios for staff and volunteers; a voice-activated intercom system in most of our rooms, three AEDs ([automated electronic defibrillators], and three transit chairs for rapid evacuations and other uses. 

Look for these additions in our buildings and be prepared to help as needed. As possible, sign up for trainings. The more we all know, the safer we are. 


Situational Awareness Workshop at 1U

Church leaders attended a Situational Awareness presentation by the Orlando Police Department with neighbor Commissioner Patty Sheenan as our esteemed guest on Wednesday evening. The program helped attendees think about ways our Operations Team/Safety Team can improve the church safety plan and understand how our local police can support our efforts. A major take-away was the need for protocols, training, and reassessment as we grow.  

Sandy C, Judith SF, DRE director, Kathyrn H, Commissioner Patty Sheehan, Rev. Margalie, Officer Eddie R. and partner

2022 Volunteer Opportunity Fiestas Are Coming!

The Water Communion service on September 11, 2022 kicks off the new First Unitarian Church of Orlando 2022-2023 program year!

It also kicks off this year’s Volunteer Fiestas where you can learn about the different church ministries. Come explore all the opportunities available this year during coffee hour after the worship over the next few Sundays. Meet new people and come be a part of church life at 1U!

  • Sept 11:  Worship and Music Ministries
  • Sept 18: Care and Religious Enrichment Ministries
  • Sept 25: Justice and Fellowship Ministries
  • Oct 9: Infrastructure and Other Ministries

This annual showcase event is sponsored by

2022 Volunteer Opportunity Fiesta Poster