Flower Garden Help

We have never had any money allocated in the church budget for the Flower Garden.  However, we did apply to the board for money this year, and we have high hopes they will help– and we hope you will help, too! Here’s how:

  1. Give from the stash in your garage (or wherever) little bud vases that have a small (about the size of a quarter or slightly larger) opening that we can use for a bouquet of fresh flowers from our garden and deliver to members/friends who are in “Flower Need.”

  2. Meet Linda P. and Jean S. on a Saturday morning at the Flower Garden 8:00 –10:00 am, to help cut flowers and greenery and make arrangements to be distributed on the next day, which is a Sunday. Contact us in advance to be sure we will be there on the Saturday you choose to help. We are there most Saturday mornings, but not all!

  3. Grow seedlings at your home from seeds (supplied) in potting soil (you supply) for 4-6 weeks, then plant them in our flower garden, marking them with wooden markers (supplied) so others do not think they are weeds. Contact email below.

  4. Sign up for a day to fertilize flowers and greenery. Bring 20-20-20 fertilizer and/or special flower-bloom-boost fertilizer, and go for it on everything that is not a rose bush or a newly planted seedling. Be sure to let us know at flowers@orlandouu.org what date you want to sign up for so that we don’t double fertilize because too much fertilizer kills plants.

  5. Sign up to bring your pump sprayer and neem oil to spray Podocarpus that has sooty mold (black crud) on it. Must be done at dusk per the schedule. Please contact in advance for important details. Podocarpus is excellent greenery for use in our arrangements.

  6. Sign up to wash the plant/bacterial residue that is dried up in the already-used and returned vases on our closet shelves in Gore Hall because dried up bacterial stuff` will kill the flowers when the vase is next filled with water.

  7. Sign up and purchase the 3 bags of pine bark mulch for the path and/or the 6 bales of pine straw that we use in the flower garden 2 x/yr. and distribute it in the garden/path.

  8. Sign up on the schedule to bring fresh flowers to a Sunday service once a year or more to commemorate a special date in your life, or in the life of a loved one.

  9. Donate money by sending it to church clearly marked “FLOWER GARDEN.”

  10. Advise us of a church member’s or friend’s contact info of someone who needs fresh flowers delivered to their door because of special difficulties/concerns/joys.

Contact or Sign-up: Flowers@Orlandouu.org

Arrangement for New Member Dinner.
Arrangement for New Member Dinner.
Red snapdragons and red and white bleeding hearts and greenery from our Church Flower Garden.
Jean S. tending to the newly donated Crinum lilies.

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