Spring for Change: a Season of Sacred Activism (Mar. 19 & 20)

Spring for Change: a Season of Sacred Activism — from the evening of Sunday, March 19 (the night before the Spring Equinox on Monday, March 20th!) through May 22nd (International Day for Biodiversity) — is an invitation to the Unitarian Universalist faith community to embody the transformational, regenerative power of Spring through sacred activism for Earth and all our relations.

Together, we will get active in our faith communities, our spiritual practices, and our relationships to the ecosystems we are home to. We will practice Earthcare by facing the facts and forecasts of our climate and ecological crises with courage, moral clarity, and a commitment to justice, equity and compassion.

This season ahead, join us for –

  • World Water Day Concert with Aly Halpert- Sunday, March 19, 8pm EST/7pm MST/6pm CT/5pm PST
  • Earth Day Service- Thursday, April 20, 8pm EST/7pm MST/ 6pm CT/5pm PST
  • Biodiversity Sunday– May 21
  • UU Young Adult for Climate Justice Movement Workshops
  • Full Moon Monthly Spiritual Gatherings– and more!

Read on and register for upcoming opportunities to be galvanized during this season of sacred activism!

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