Empowering Food Security

On Sunday, Feb 19, “Empowering Food Security” was the theme of the event sponsored by the Interfaith Environmental Allianceof Central Florida in the historic Black neighborhood of Paramore. 

Over 20 persons attended including 1U members Michael and Cindy C, Beth T., Laura S., Wende P. and Mary D.

The first part of the event consisted of a tour of Infinite Zion Farms led by co-founder, Raymond Warthen, a fifth generation Black farmer, working to address food insecurity. 

The second part  of the event was a discussion led by Aminah Hamidullah at the school she founded called Knowledge for Living on Paramore Avenue. Aminah has offered courses for 20 years to the neighborhood residents that are  designed to impart life skills. Also, she has secured scholarship funds for youth going to college and other post high school training programs.

IMG_1551 copyIMG_7742 copy

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