Hearts and Hands Auction 2023 — A Beloved Community Event

Our Hearts and Hands Auction evening was a wonderful occasion of community and joy as people socialized, bid, snacked, bid, laughed, and bid for hundreds of offerings at the Silent Auction (see table displays) and the Live Auction (see Sanctuary photos). Thanks to the incredible number of high-quality donations, a workforce of volunteers, and attendees with discretionary income for making this so successful; we expect to net more than $22,000!

Many thanks from Carolina and Steph (co-chairs) and the rest of the Auction Team: Cindy W. and Cathy S., food; Katherine V., donations lead, assisted by Ann P., Joan E., Adena B., Sally M., and Mary Ann H.; Charlotte K., bar and beverages; Nicki D., art, decorations, and signage; Ken L. for facilities, framed photos next to bidding sheets, financials; Tim W., raffle and game tickets, assisted by Noell and Janie; Chip D., Rene S., Sandy P., and Alex M. for entertainment. Bob Ewald was our auctioneer, assisted by wife Tammy and two employees. John B. took care of A/V tech. It took our whole fellowship and our many friends to reach this evening’s success.

Many Thanks to all who made this possible and successful!


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