How to Raise an Antiracist Book Group

Kendi for blog Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 12.18.43 PM

WHERE 1st U Gathering Space in the Enrichment Center (next to the Assembly Room)

TIME:  9:30 AM

DATES: Sundays – January 15th, February 5th, February 12th

In his book “How To Raise an AntiRacist” Ibram X Kendi shares his family’s experiences and how they began to recognize how what we bring into our children’s lives implicitly and explicitly affects their interactions of the world.  Please join Rev. Kierstin in a facilitated discussion around the book. 

For the first session, because it is so close, please have at least looked over the introduction and maybe the first sample chapter that you can see online.  

*Children are welcome in the space and when possible, child care will be provided. 

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