Black Cat Open Mic December 9, 2022 Recap

OK, fans of Black Cat near and far, here is a slightly delayed report from our December event last Friday.
Short version: We had a whole lot of fun with great folks, great music, and good food!
Long version:
After some technical hiccups involving bad wires, we got rolling. Performers included Barbara H., Cindy M. (Welcome back Cindy!!), Mike H., The Buzzards (Fred S., Mike B. and Roger G.), Ron C.Welcome Ron, first time at Black Cat!!), Barry B., Alex M., Mike B., Phil S., Chip D., Randy F., and John C.
Instruments included 6 string guitar, 12 string guitar, violin, bass, and banjo. Music ranged from high classical to American folk.
There were so many highlights I can’t list them all here, but I just have to mention that for the first time, the Halleluiah Chorus was performed at Black Cat by Mike H. on his violin, and not only that, it became a sing-along!!! I would have lost a bet on that famous piece of music becoming a coffee house open mic sing-along, but hey, one reason why open mics are so great. Another reason is that you hear original music, created, written, and performed by the artist right there on the stage in front of you, that you won’t hear unless you come to this kind of venue. We had a lot of original music, and we loved every bit of it.
Many thanks to John B. for excellent sound engineering, Lesley H. and Toni D. for running concessions, Mike H. for behind-the-scenes admin work, and all those who pitched in to help set up and break down. Without y’all, Black Cat simply could not run.
And special thanks and recognition to Ron, Barry, and Phil who drove long distances from the East coast and far West of us to be here. Also thanks to Cindy M. and Janet S.for bringing *really* delicious sweet treats to add to our concession line up.
So, that’s it for 2022!
Stay tuned for upcoming info for Jan. 13, 2023!
Happy, safe, and Blessed Holidays to all!
Chip D.
2022-12-09 Black Cat Open Mic

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