Green Team prepares for January meeting


The Green Team (GT)  will be discussing the past and possible future involvement of Interfaith Power and Light’s in Florida  at their January meeting (2nd Sunday of the month). This information may be relevant to a Green Sanctuary project. Becoming a “Cool Congregation” is another possible initiative for the congregation. 

During the discussion of the The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), an excellent guide for energy information for households called Go Electric was shared.  It is on the website Rewiring Electric; the link to the guide is here.

Question: Do you know about heat pump use in Florida? Come share your experience next meeting. What are the benefits and costs for households and are they a viable energy reduction choice?  

SAVE the DATE: Sunday, April 30 (3 to 5 pm).  Green Team, along with Interfaith Environmental Alliance of Central Florida and Solar United Neighbors of Florida will host a meeting in the 1U Sanctuary to share the most up-to-date IRA information with the Orlando faith community.

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