Child Dedication Service and Christmas Pageant

Worship Leaders: Rev. Margalie Belizaire / Judith Stein-Farrall  / Aubrey Connelly-Candelario / RE Committee / 1U Players

Every day that a child is born is a miracle; an opportunity to recognize the power of love; a day to give thanks for the beauty of the earth; a day to recognize that no one is brought up alone, and that every person born is a savior to the world. 1U welcomes Sidney, James, and Nolan and their families.

“Each night a child is born is a holy night” by Sophia Lyon Fahs

After the Child Dedication, the Christmas pageant, Lighting our Corner of the Sky, shared with the congregation the joy of love, faith and hope around the world, through the years. Thank you 1U players: Maya, James, Lily, Ainsley, Esme, with help from Jade and other friends from the audience. 

DSC04425First IMG_6056DSC04435


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