“Frank’s Dream” Sculpture

The congregation would like to thank John B. for providing the beautiful plaque and memories of Frank Cofer for the artwork that decorates the back wall of the sanctuary. Frank was a longtime member who left his estate to our church along with his wish for a commissioned piece of art honoring Unitarian Universalism and its welcoming of the world’s religious traditions.

New plaque near the sculpture.

Close up of new plaque.

Installation History

The “Frank’s Dream” sculpture was first installed and then dedicated in the 1U Sanctuary on May 18, 2008.

From Ann Cook’s opening remarks:

“In 2004 this church lost one of its most colorful members to AIDS –  Frank coffer. Everyone in this church whether they knew it or not participated in Frank’s life from listening to him talk to running errands to sitting at his bedside in the last hours of his life. This beloved community provided Frank with a safe place. In return Frank left his entire estate to this church with the stipulation that the money be used to commission a work of art in the sanctuary showing major world religions and their relation to Unitarian Universalism.

We selected Stefan Alexandres, a sculptor whose metal bas-reliefs took our collective breath away. Thank you, Stefan Alexandres, for translating Frank’s dream into a splendid work of art. Thank you First Unitarian Church for coming through for Frank when he needed you. Finally thanks to his good friend Stuart Bogue who gave me a most Frank-like exit line. 

When I asked Stuart if he thought Frank would like the sculpture, he said, ‘I think Frank would have turned this into a necklace!’ “

About the Artist

Stefan Alexandres is a sculptor living in Central Florida, who works with steel, copper, and brass using a process called repousse. Born in Athens, Stefan has honed his craft all over the world. In 1989 he moved to the United States. 

When asked about inspiration he says, “This art has been inspired from my interest in civilizations around the world. I have surrounded the lotus with traditional motifs from various world cultures. It is a source of wonder that so many of the same symbols appear in cultures that are unrelated in space and time period.”

Sculpture during the day.

Sculpture backlit at night.

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