Black Cat Open Mic Returns In Person!

The first live Black Cat since March 2020 occurred Friday 11 Nov and was a definite success!
Performers included Alex M. 6 string guitar, Barry B. 12 string guitar, “The Buzzards” (Fred S. 5 string banjo, Mike B. 6 string guitar, and Brad T. 6 string guitar), Carina C. 4 string ukulele, John C. 6 string guitar, Michael B. solo 6 string guitar, Phil S. 6 string guitar, and Chip D. 6 string guitar, 12 string guitar, and harmonica.
Presentations included covers and original works of traditional folk, folk rock, ballads, and a special remembrance of the WW I Armistice Day /current Veterans Day song.
The famous Black Cat audio deserves special mention. Carina C., in addition to performing, began audio tech training under John B’s instruction and mentoring, and did a fine job of running the mixing board last Friday. Thank you John and Carina!
The next Black Cat will be the second Friday of December, the 9th.
You can find us on our Black Cat Facebook Events page and on the 1U Church Calendar. Contact or if you want to be on the email reminder list. 
See Ya At The Cat!

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