Campus Beautification

Despite some bursts of morning rain, church members showed up today [November 5] for campus beautification and improvements. Dan H., Building and Grounds fearless leader, summarized the day:

What an amazing effort to make our campus safer and prettier!

Today we accomplished:

  1. Aligning several tire stops in the parking loop.
  2. Pounding down the ever rising rebar that holds the tire stops in place.
  3. Resetting bricks around the sign at Hampton and Robinson.
  4. Creating a new path through the landscaping on the SW corner of the Enrichment Center to reach the flower garden.
  5. Resetting the Do Not Enter sign.
  6. Straightening (almost) the Handicapped Parking sign near the NW corner of Gore Hall.
  7. Straightening a banner pole.
  8. Removing ground cover around two more oaks at the labyrinth and planting bromeliads.
  9. Weeding the playground equipment in the EC and placing new mulch.
  10. Removing more of the oak seedlings in the ground cover around the labyrinth.
  11. Resetting the stepping stones in the Enrichment Center Courtyard and adding Quikrete.
  12. Moving fire bushes from the new landscape path to the landscape area north of Gore Hall.
  13. Trimming the frangipani for safety.
  14. Relocating a plumgago to replace one that died.

In addition to Dan and Kathy, Jim E, Tommy H. Martha and John H, George H and Katherine V joined the group. It was wonderful to have Tommy back among us. Many thanks to Katherine for donating bromeliads to grace the ground around our large oak trees near the labyrinth.

The next work day will be in January 2023. We hope to see you then.


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