CPR Training in Gore Hall

Seven congregation members and our new DLRE, Judith Stein-Farrall, attended the first of two CPR trainings this fall in Gore Hall on Saturday, October 29. Our instructor covered the latest protocols for performing CPR, use of the AED [Automated External Defibrillator] for both adults and children, how to assist someone who is choking, how to properly stop severe bleeding (including use of a tourniquet), and some other first aid techniques. 

The most intense part of the training was the chest compression CPR, which was performed [once] for two minutes on manikins on a table. (Mouth-to-mouth CPR is no longer practiced.) An important part of the training was about when CPR is needed, and that it is critical to have several others nearby who can take over CPR whenever the person performing it gets tired. The instructor had vital information about use of the AED beyond the instructions given by the machine. 

We learned that once 911 is called, we can expect to have EMS at the scene within five or six minutes, and every minute that CPR is not performed can reduce chances of survival by around 10%. It really can make a difference.

We also learned we need to have as many trained people in the congregation as possible, so several people would be available to assist in the event of a medical emergency, including supporting performance of CPR, managing bystanders during the use of the AED, and making sure that EMS is accompanied to the scene from our parking lot. It may result in saving a life. 

Our next training is at 10:15 am on Thursday, November 17 in Gore Hall. We encourage you to register here.

The Operations Team thanks our instructor, Nino Sevilla, from the Orlando Fire Department, for both his excellent instruction and answers to our questions, and his sense of humor. We appreciate the OFD for offering this training free of charge. Thanks also to Ann P for being our liaison with the OFD, Kathy H for coordinating the training, Ann P and John H for being the hosts during the training, and the church members who attended.

2 thoughts on “CPR Training in Gore Hall

  1. John I was so thankful to have come Saturday and get this training. I thought it would just be a refresher from what I had 15 years ago but things have totally changed. Having this presented free of charge really makes it a no-brainer for anybody that has an opportunity to come should certainly do so. Thank you again to both you and Ann for setting this up.


  2. It is no longer 1-2-3-4-5 chest compressions, then hold the nose and blow into the mouth and repeat, anymore. It is continuous rapid chest compressions, and possible use of the AED (shock machine) to start/stabilize heart function. We learned all about these latest techniques in our training presented by our instructor from the Orlando Fire Department. All good things to know to support life in our church community.


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