Registration for Children and Youth has started!

We are currently registering students ages 5 to 18 for Religious Enrichment classes and Youth Group. Please email for a link to the online registration form, even if you have participated in the past.  We will form classes based on numbers of interested kids. Classes will begin when our new full-time DLRE (Director of Lifetime Religious Enrichment) arrives and gets settled.

Until classes begin, outdoor childcare during Sunday service will continue except on days we have multigenerational service. If you want your children to participate in childcare, please sign up at the welcome table on Sunday morning.

Youth Group will meet in person on alternate Sundays in the Youth Room (Room #5 in the Enrichment Center) for spiritual conversation, fellowship, activity and fun! The next meeting will be Sunday, Oct. 2. On the off weeks, Youth Group stays in touch on their own Discord server and plays games online. Youth group is currently open to teens ages 13 to 18. If you want to join, email for info.

The Elementary Dungeons and Dragons group has ended as a church affiliated activity but Mr. Richard is willing to run a game for kids ages 9 to 12 just for fun if there is interest. It would be online because the original players do not live in Orlando. Please see Mr. Richard after Sunday service before the end of September.

The Family Connection and Support Group is now the 1U Parent Fellowship GroupWe meet once a month before Sunday service for coffee and donuts while the children play and we are organizing regular parent and family outings throughout the year! Look for the 1U Parent Fellowship on Facebook or visit their table at the Opportunity Fiesta on September 25.  Next group meeting is October 9.

In order to have RE classes, we need RE teachers and assistants!
We have a teaching team for OWL (Our Whole Lives) grades 7-9 trained and ready for action. Are you ready to dive into the Soul Matters curriculum? Everything is written for you…you just have to be there and be excited! Please see RE Committee Chair Rhonda R.( ) after Sunday service for more details. Let’s show our new DRLE that we are READY to do our part!!!

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