Volunteers Help Expand Flower Garden at “The Big Dig!”


Greenery to use with the flowers we grow was planted west of the church Flower Garden on Saturday April 16, 2022!  The flowers and greenery is used to create beautiful arrangements for the Sunday Pulpit as well as bouquets for the Caring Circle to take to hospital or homebound church members when they visit.

A big thank you to Steven S., who picked up, delivered and donated 30 bags of organic matter to enhance the soil for the Big Dig at the south west end of the RE Complex.

And, heartfelt thanks to a group of seven folks who worked hard Saturday morning digging and planting.  We now have ferns and other beautiful greenery growing right on church grounds to go with the flowers we grow in our church flower garden. And, the newly planted greenery enhances our campus where it is planted.

Many thanks to the  hard-working Team:

  • Cooper B.
  • Neil B.
  • Jim E.
  • Dan H.
  • Kathy H.
  • Judy L.
  • Steven S.
  • Katherine V.

And we appreciate Dan H. and John H. from Buildings and Grounds Committee who found some money in the budget to help this project!

If you are interested in helping the Flower Garden grow or making bouquets, please email flowergarden@orlandouu.org for more info!